Lift up Christ, Love One Another, Light our World


Many K groups meet during the week to study God's Word, support, encourage and pray for each other. It is a great opportunity to get to know  other members of the congregation and help each other out as we grow in our faith walk with Christ.

Call the church office  if you would like to join a group - 613-342-4566

Koinonia is the Anglicization of a Greek word (κοινωνiα) that means communion by intimate participation. The word is used frequently in the New Testament of the Bible to describe the relationship within the early Christian church as well as the act of breaking bread in the manner which Christ prescribed during the Passover meal [John 6:48-69, Matthew 26:26-28, 1 Corinthian 10:16, 1 Corinthians 11:24]. As a result the word is used within the Christian Church to participate, as Paul says, in the Communion of - in this manner it identifies the idealized state of fellowship and community that should exist, this we call - Communion.

Key Components of a Koinonia Group


  • For Church, each other, expressed needs –
  • How do we avoid talking more about prayer than praying? –
  • Importance of trust & confidentiality


  • Spiritual, Personal, Practical, Caring, Follow-up

Bible Study

  • God's Word source of authority #not just own opinion or collective ignorance) and transformation
  • Emphasis on Application

Spirit Led

  • Preparation, Discernment, May not be bound by material or calendar


  • Hungering, Seekers, Feeding perceived needs
  • Teaching dependant counter cultural Christian relationships


  • Need to look beyond itself to needs outside
  • Find a way to be a blessing outside of the group