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Prison Fellowship

Prison Fellowship
Ken Newberry and his team are highly committed to ministry in the local jails through Prison Fellowship. This is an interdenominational outreach in partnership with other churches. The team for Brockville Wesleyan Church leads services at 2 PM on the 3rd and 4rth Sundays of each month.

The Brockville Integration Network (B.I.N.) is a non-profit, non-denominational, Christian aftercare ministry.
BIN started in 2007 with a Jail Chaplain, a Social Services worker, probation Officers, prison fellowship volunteers, local clergy and a form inmate, all of whom have a heart for helping former inmate to overcome the wounds of the past and take a more positive direction in their lives.

In 2010 B.I.N. is seeking the support of the Christian Community to make a bold move forward in pursuit of our mission.

The Vision
After much prayer and discussion the Lord had laid it on our hearts to establish a transition house in the Brockville area. The house will be called ‘The Place’.

Initially ‘The Place’ will offer Christian discipleship, life skills and employment training, and personal coaching to four to six men who have been released from incarceration. These men will pass a strict admission test and commit to the program for a minimum of six months.

‘The Place’ will offer twenty four hour supervision by trained professionals and volunteers who are willing to make the significant spiritual and emotional investment in seeing live transformed and futures brightened through the love of Jesus Christ and the power of the holy Spirit.

To Donate
If you would like to make a financial donation for this ministry please send your cheque to Prison Fellowship Canada at the below address. Write on the cheque ‘for BIN’ so the funds will be allocated to the correct account.

Prison Fellowship Canada
PO Box 19510, RPO Manulife
Toronto, ON, M4W 3T9

To volunteer to serve at ‘The Place’ as either a personal coach, life skills trainer, night-time supervisor, or to learn more about the program, please contact Kevin Casselman at or 613-925-5340

To inquire about financial support for ‘The Place’ , or to assist with fundraising efforts, or to help with writing grant applications, please contact ken Newberry at or 613-342-8855, ext. 104

To serve as a Contact person for your congregation with responsibility for bringing announcements and prayer requests to your church family on B.I.N.’s behalf please contact Paul Gordon or Mary Gordon at or 613-865-8378

Click here to download a copy of the BIN flyer.

What is Prison Fellowship Canada?

Who we are
Prison Fellowship Canada (PF Canada) is a prayer-based Christian ministry dedicated to meeting the needs of those affected by crime. Through volunteer chapters and prayer cells across the country, Prison Fellowship volunteers bring the life-changing gospel to prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families.

Prison Fellowship International
PF Canada is a chartered member of prison fellowship International (PFI). With over 100,000 volunteers in 88 countries, PFI is the largest international ministry in the criminal justice field. PFI president, Ron Nikkel, is a Canadian.

Our beginning
In 1980, Prison Fellowship Canada became a charter member of PFI when former Watergate conspirator and PF founder, Chuck Colson, and former Cabinet Minister Paul Hellyer met to consider how PF might be helpful in Canada. In Chuck’s words, “I was thrilled when Paul, together with a few close friends responded to my challenge to begin the first PF ministry outside the United States. What began with Paul and a small group of friends in Ottawa is today a movement of hundreds of men and women the stretches across Canada. From the Yukon to Southern Ontario, and from Vancouver Island to the Maritimes, God is toughing the lives of prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families through this remarkable ministry.”

How we are supported
With the exception of a few small government contracts, PF Canada is funded by Christian churches, businesses and individuals from coast to coast. God has richly blessed PF Canada over the years with the funds necessary to sustain the ministry, but new donors are always needed so we can grow to meet the ever-increasing needs in our criminal justice system.

Our Areas of ministry
Prison Fellowship Canada is active in the federal, provincial and local institutions across the country ministering to men, women and young offenders. Our after care ministry is growing to include ex-prisoners as they re-enter our communities. Recognizing the importance of a family on prisoners and ex-prisoners alike, PF Canada is very active in supporting the families and the family relationship, including ministry to prisoner’s children.

Music ministry
Music is a powerful motivator, and PF volunteers provide music ranging from simple, guitar-accompanied choruses to full concerts as a way of reaching prisoners.

“Network for Life” after care program
HFL is a program started in Canada that involves training people throughout the whole community to assist a recently released ex-prisoner.

Pen Pal
Pen Pal is an opportunity to ‘visit prison in an envelope’. Ideal for shut-ins or those living far from a prison, Pen Pal is an effective way to minister to a prisoner.

Angel Tree
Angel tree is an opportunity to break the cycle of crime by ministering to a prisoner’s child at Christmas. Gifts are purchased and delivered to the children in the parent’s name. This is an excellent opportunity to minister not only to the children, but also to the child’s caregiver, the Chaplain, the prisoner and the local church.

Books and Bibles
Providing Bibles and other Christian material is a very effective ministry. PF Canada has special prisoner’s Bibles and other specially prepared material to speak specifically to prisoners.

Visitor transportation
Providing transportation to children and spouses of prisoners who might not otherwise be able to visit is a ministry the helps keep a family together.

Other opportunities
The opportunities to minister are limited only by the needs presented. Prison Fellowship is a needs-driven ministry where Chaplains or prisoners express a need and we try to fill it. By being open to new opportunities, volunteers are better able to follow God’s leading.

PF Canada volunteers
Prison Fellowship chapter volunteers are a well-trained committed group who perform ministry and who meet regularly as an interdenominational group to offer fellowship and to pray together. PF volunteer know what it is to be called by God and have a servants heart in the way they deal with all they come in contact with. PF volunteers share the beliefs of the ministry and adhere to its code of conduct.

Becoming a PF volunteer
Becoming a PF volunteer is a process of prayerful consideration, relationship building, training and ongoing fellowship. Prison ministry is not to be rushed into; therefore, the process is outlined below:

1)     Inquire

2)    Inn formation night

3)    Apply for Prayer Cell status (3 or more people)

4)    Begin meeting regularly (at least once a month)

5)    ‘Introduction to Prison Fellowship’, Book 1 and work sheets

6)    Application / Reference / Police check

7)    ‘Foundations’’, Book 2 (Examine principals that are foundational to the ministry)

8)    After 4-6 months apply for chapter status (need 6 or more regulars)

9)    PF works with local Chaplain to arrange placements

10) ‘Volunteer Training Manual’, Book 3 and a one-day seminar

11) Those who pass are assigned a placement in prison

12) Group continues to minister, to meet regularly and to follow code of conduct.

13) Chapter is reviewed annually

14) Volunteers are assessed annually

To join an existing group
Steps 4–7 and 10-14

To become a Pen Pal
Pen Pal volunteers complete steps 5,6,7,and 14. Plus a booklet on pen pal ministry.

In Conclusion
As Prison Fellowship continues to minister to those affected by crime in our communities, we ask for your prayers for the ministry, our staff, our volunteers and especially for those we are called to serve. Only with a team of dedicated volunteers, faithful prayer partners, and generous donors can we continue to bring the Good News to those affected by crime and to exclaim the truth that although crime hurts...Christ heals.

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