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Ministries MISSIONS Blaikie, Jason and Christine

Blaikie, Jason and Christine

Jason and Christine Blaikie - Thailand
Global Partners

Our team not only consists of people overseas but people in North America as well. We consider anyone supporting us in prayer and financially part of our team.

We look at our team like the Thai used to use elephants in time of war. They would send elephants into battle to break through the front line and scatter their enemies so they could further the kingdom of Thailand. The Thai soon found out that elephants were weakest at their legs. Enemies could come up and slash the legs so the elephant would fall down and be useless. So the Thai put guardians around the elephant's legs to protect the elephant and fight off the enemies as it ran into battle. Our vision for our team is exactly the same. We are looking to bring our elephant of a ministry into the front lines Satan has drawn in Thailand. We know we will not do any good if we don't have guardians at our legs both prayerfully and financially.