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Marples, Richard and Jennifer

Richard and Jennifer Marples - Papua New Guinea
Mission Aviation Fellowship

 We are Richard & Jennifer Marples. Together with our children Samantha, Matthew and Nathaniel, we have ministered in Papua New Guinea with Mission Aviation Fellowship since 1999.

Mission Aviation Fellowship International is a worldwide organization dedicated to transforming isolated communities both physically and spiritually in Christ’s name. We serve in over thirty nations around the world. Partnering with literally hundreds of organizations we provide transportation for missionaries, pastors, students, teachers, health workers and community development projects. MAF is strategically positioned to be available for disaster relief.

MAF provides what is in many cases the only alternative to otherwise dangerous and inefficient ground transport. As they seek to fulfill their mission, our partners’ movements are challenged by mountains, rivers and warfare. MAFI seeks to make the impossible, possible and the merely demanding, effortless.

Papua New Guinea is often described as the land of the unexpected. Generally accepted as the most difficult in the world in which to fly, we delight in being used by God as a transforming power. In the unreachable jungles of PNG, MAF is the only link between the stone age and the space age for millions of people. Provision of education, health and development, facilitated by MAF, serve to demonstrate the Gospel in practice and make discipleship a reality.

Richard serves as Chief Pilot for MAF PNG and flies the DeHavilland Canada Twin Otter (19 passengers, of which MAF PNG has three. Also stationed in PNG are nine single engine aircraft (5-9 passengers). We fly to over three hundred airstrips carved out of the jungle and from steep mountain sides, transforming the lives of millions in thousands of isolated villages.

From our home in Goroka the eastern highlands of PNG, Jennifer cares for our family, participates in prison ministry to the ladies held in the Bihute jail, and has also had the opportunity to teach elementary school music at the school our children attend.

Samantha, Matthew and Nathaniel have the privilege of attending a school operated by New Tribes Mission just a few minutes’ drive from our home. Living in a protective compound surrounded by steel fence and razor wire, they enjoy the relative freedom of the school, and the opportunity to share with understanding friends in similar circumstances.

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