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Ministries MISSIONS Allison, Kerry and Carole

Allison, Kerry and Carole

Kerry and Carole Allison - Ukraine
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The Alison's work in Odessa Ukraine working with the street kids to help them out. They work with First Step and Hope House helping the marginalized.

First Step
The First Step Centre is a drop-in centre for street children in Odessa Ukraine. It provides daily meals, washroom and shower, morality lessons, advocacy, medical care and individual attention to these children, some as young as 6 years old. It is served by a committed staff and volunteer base from a range of local faith communities.

Hope House
Since the Ukraine's independence, an estimated 120,000 young women have been trafficked from the Ukraine, mostly for the sex trade. One of the most vulnerable groups to trafficking are young women who are graduated from state-run orphanages at 16 years of age. Hope House is a transition home for these young women, helping them get established in life after leaving orphanage care.