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Williams, Scott and Melissa

Williams, Scott and Melissa - El Salvador
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Here's some older info about the Williams family...

Hello we are the Williams, and there are four of us! We are missionaries with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. We are here to serve the children of Central America. As well, our desire is to re-ignite the passion for missions and evangelism around the world, by giving people an opportunity to come and experience missions first hand. Our hope is that you will become part of our lives. We understand this entire missions “thing”, is a relationship. While we are the ones who “went”, there is no way this could have happened without your support and continued involvement. We never want to take that for granted.

The Need
Central America is made up of 7 small and developing countries, with a total population of 41,000,000, and almost 50% being children. All of which have faced substantial obstacles, hindering their development and stability in today’s world. El Salvador is no exception.

El Salvador is considered the most violent country in Latin America, with a population of almost 7,000,000. Of that 7,000,000 almost half of them are children. With 79 of 100 children being severely mistreated in their homes, most are forced to live on the streets. That means there is almost 2,500,000 children leaving home and almost 300,000 children living on the streets of El Salvador.

This small country endured 12 years of civil war, claiming 75,000 lives, ending in 1992. However, the war ending brought the rise and development of Mara Salvatrucha, literally translated “Salvadorian army ants”. Mara Salvatrucha, also known as MS-13, is considered the most violent gang ever. One the world has never seen. MS-13 spans the world, and currently has more than 100,000 hardcore foot soldiers. They support themselves through any illegal activity and will defend their “family” to the death. They have become so vast and numerous by preying on the weak, displaced and forgotten. Namely the children of the world.

El Salvador has always had deep religious roots, however, today about 40% claim to be a Christian. That means there are more than 3,200,000 people who do not know Jesus Christ. 3,200,000 people who don’t have hope and 3,200,000 people who don’t know God loves and values them.

With so many children lacking hope and direction, they become ripe for gangs to recruit. Children, like so many of us, are looking for acceptance, and gangs are willing to give them what they think they need.

Our hope and prayer is that we can reach them before the gangs get to them. If the gangs get to them first it makes it much more difficult for children to find the hope and love that Jesus Christ offers. One gang member is quoted saying, “a gang member’s life will end in one of

three ways?.in prison?in the hospital?.or dead!”.

The only hope for the children of the world is Jesus Christ. How will they ever hear about what Jesus did for them, if nobody ever goes and tells them. Their hope lies in whether we are willing to go, or if we are willing to send.

Are we willing?